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SPARK Complexity Leadership

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About This Learning Experience

Innovation and leadership skills are rapidly becoming the core drivers for growth and long-term success. An institution’s ability to innovate, develop fresh and adaptive ideas and have leaders nurture and translate them into the institution is fundamental to sustainable outcomes.

Drawing upon a rich array of innovative educational research and resources from the University of South Australia’s Centre for Change and Complexity in Learning (C3L), this guided learning experience supports education leaders, managers, and faculty in navigating the process of innovation and implementation initiatives.

The SPARK Complexity Leadership learning experience offers you a dynamic environment to nurture your knowledge, update your skills, learn, engage with other education leaders, network, and contribute resources. This learning experience will deepen your understanding of leadership models—focusing on Complexity Leadership to help equip leaders with an understanding of what is expected from our leaders today and how an individual can develop the skills required to become a more efficient leader within their institutions. The learning experience then goes into detail about the SPARK framework and how this has been applied to aid the adoption of innovative technologies and large-scale organization operations using several case studies.

We believe this learning experience will encourage you to share your knowledge with others to create support networks, enhance learning cultures, and bridge gaps in shared knowledge. Learn through engaging with your peers, expert facilitators, and guided activities. Our researchers, educators, faculty, and facilitators will help you identify your own values and skills as a leader to build your self-efficacy, confidence, and belief in your own ability to achieve success and guide others.

Professor Abelardo Pardo

Professor Pardo’s research interests include the design and deployment of technology to increase the understanding and improve digital learning experiences. He’s authored over 150 research papers in scholarly journals and international conferences focusing on educational technology and engineering education. He’s currently a member of the executive board and president of the Society for Learning Analytics Research (SoLAR).

Professor Shane Dawson

Shane Dawson is a professor in Learning Analytics at the University of South Australia. He’s a founding executive member of the Society for Learning Analytics Research and past program and conference chair of the International Learning Analytics and Knowledge conference. He’s also a co-developer for numerous open source software including the Online Video Annotations for Learning (OVAL) and SNAPP a social network visualization tool designed for teaching staff to better understand, identify, and evaluate student learning, engagement, academic performance, and creative capacity.